Give a Child a Family

They must be sure…

We are sitting opposite each other in the couple’s small living room. We are there to tell them about the little girl we just matched them with, whose profile matches theirs. We believe they can give her the best of upbringings.

I can see how their eyes shine and how they change showing concern, when getting to know more about the little one’s story; family background, where the girl comes from, what has happened and what the future might bring. Husband and wife show unity and love.  They are ready, and think it’s unnecessary to think about it. But, as for everyone else, we will give them some time and call them when all the new information has landed in them.

A hasty decision is never good. To receive a child with a problematic history, is not for everyone. A failed child should not have to be failed again. The couple must be sure.

I take a photo of the family before returning to the office. If the couple really will say yes to foster the girl, she will have a picture to look at as a preparation before they meet for the first time.

A social worker’s work at GCF varies, and this is only one part. A very important part.

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