Take a trip to GCF with Carl and Felicia

The Swedish pastor and evangelist Tomas Wallengren, has released a new book in his fictional series about the young couple,Carl and Felicia. This is the third book, called “The Darkness Carries the Light of the Stars” (“Mörkret bär stjärnornas ljus”). The couple is newly married and visits Give a Child a Family in South Africa as a part of their honeymoon. Carl returns to the organisation as a volunteer, together with a childhood friend half a year later and finds his heart gripped by a darkness he cannot understand.

Monica enjoying Tomas’ third book in the series in which GCF is mentioned

The author writes his books in an exciting, moving and romantic way, where common questions people have about Christian faith is mixed into the storyline. It is not only about life and relationships, but also how one can become a Christian and how to grow in faith. 

The first book “Dreaming of California” (“Drömmen om Kalifornien”) introduces the readers to Carl, who after an intriguing period of life leaves for California to find himself. This is where he meets a pastor. And, Felicia. Surprising friendships develop and Carl falls in love with Felicia. He is not sure how he will deal with the feelings, as they are very unlike and their views of life have drastic differences. The biggest question is, if Carl will ever be set free from his past?

In the Shadows of Hollywood” (“I skuggan av Hollywood”) is the second book in the series. A job in Los Angeles sets Carl and Felicia’s love to the test. A few months apart, turns out to be a matter of life and death, when a good deed made in the first book, is shown to have a dark side. Carl struggles with difficult thoughts, and Felicia carries a secret that affects her self-esteem.

The book series can be ordered from his website (https://www.tomaswallengren.com/bestalla-bocker/). They are currently only available in Swedish. 10% of the profit goes to Christian Charity work, of which Give a Child a Family is a beneficiary. 

Tomas Wallengren

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