As chairman of de Johannabode, my father, Professor Dick Juch, had a special interest in South African children’s projects. During a presentation at our church in Breda in 2009, he learned about Give a Child a Family (GCF) and ongoing contact and support for the organization ensued. During a visit to Give a Child a Family to see how the Johannabode donations were spent, it was a pleasant surprise to see, amongst others, the cots and baby beds that Johannabode had sponsored in the new nursery.

Magreet Juch, Elize Coetzee and Dick Juch

In 2015 my father and mother, Dick and Magreet Juch, again visited GCF to learn more about the International Volunteer program and in September that year, my daughter, Iris Rutten, entered the Volunteer Program. Iris comments “I wanted to gain experience working abroad and my time as a volunteer at GCF has had a major influence on my study choice, Education and Child studies. GCF is an extraordinary project because they not only take care of children but also recruit and train foster families. During my studies, I learned how important it is for children to grow up in a safe family, so it is very good and beautiful that GCF strives to have orphaned and vulnerable children in a safe family as an alternative to long-term care in an institution.” During the volunteer period of Iris, my husband and I, together with our two younger daughters, visited GCF to also experience the special work done by the organisation.

Iris Rutten

Currently, I am the chairperson of de Johannabode, having taken over the role of my father in 2018. Every year we assess how we can give the children of GCF a better future and it was very special to meet the staff and Monica on several occasions when she visited the Netherlands.

Casper Rutten and Astrid Rutten-Juch

We congratulate you on your 30th Anniversary and wish you all future success with your vision of ‘Children in Secure Families – it’s where they belong!’

Astrid Rutten-Juch

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