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Our journey started a good number of years ago. You cannot view organizations like ours as being “separate entities”, although it may well be the case, our entities work as a team with mutual respect and build good working relationships. GCF has been a lifesaver for taking in abused and neglected children, not only from our organization, but others too. Children need to know that they “belong” and GCF certainly knows how to show that. Their ability to multi-task in various aspects of outreaches within the community, training etc. is amazing! GCF ensures their presence within the community and joins us on regular occasions with programs when called upon.

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One of the most memorable experiences was during the National lockdown, specifically, early April of 2020. The roads were desolate and ghostly throughout every street we turned, trying to find a place of safety for an urgent case that had been brought to our attention. Although restrictions were in place, this did not stop the abuse that children had to endure. No homes were excepting intakes due to the lockdown regulations and the “unimaginable red tape” was hard to attempt to cut through. Every call we made, every home we tried to visit, was either full or could not assist due to the rules at play. This weighed heavily on us.

Stopping at the side of a desolate road and contemplating our next move, we decided to phone Director Lydia Gordon from GCF. The passion for assistance was phenomenal. Without hesitation, Mrs. Gordon and Ms. Öhrnstedt met us at the Port Shepstone Regional Hospital, determined to assist in any way they could. The wait was intense as we’d used up all our resources, with the clock ticking into the late evening. Mrs. Gordon had already started making calls of her own, to obtain approval that GCF could do an intake under the urgent circumstances and utilize an unoccupied facility they had.

Waiting with bated breath, the call we’d been praying for eventually came through. Mrs. Gordon was approved by the Department to assist us by taking in “our” little girl. The sigh of relief getting the approval was beyond what words could explain. Thank you, GCF for your dedication and persistence!

We wish you only the best for your 30 years, and more blessings in abundance for the many years to come. We are proud to be associated with your organization and we look forward to many more years ahead.

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