My Journey with GCF – Torbjörn Arvidsson

For me, it was incredible that I had an opportunity to see GCF’s work during the 30-year celebration. It was interesting for me to experience, as it was close to my wife’s heart, who loved children and South Africa. We visited the country in 2008 together with a friend, but not GCF. Unfortunately, my wife Carina died a couple of years ago.

It was extra fun, to meet Monica and get to know her because I grew up in a congregation that supported her parents Alice and Dag Palm in their missionary work, first in Swaziland I believe, and then in Port Shepstone.

Torbjörn Arvidsson

I had no idea that GCF’s work is SO extensive and that the property you own is SO big. The entire facility gives a very solid impression, with good and neat buildings in every way. Your employees gave the impression of being extremely competent and well-trained for their tasks. I send them a greeting with admiration for their commitment. Your work can really be warmly recommended.

The highlight for me was probably the visits we made to some homes that took in children. You could really see the love the mothers had for their little ones. It was fascinating to see! It was also fun to meet Marcus Josefsson and Maria Bard, who also visited GCF at the same time as me. The morning prayers were absolutely wonderful. Thank you for your warm atmosphere and the generous reception.

The whole trip worked out perfectly and suited me that particular week as I have a lot of commitments here at home in Sweden and couldn’t stay longer. Otherwise, you might think that you should see more of South Africa when you travel so far, but now I just invested in visiting you and it gave me an extra nice dimension in that way. I travelled together with Britt Deimert, who belongs to my church, and it felt safe to be two.

Maria Bard, Britt Deimert, Torbjörn Arvidsson, Marcus Josefsson

Now I try to support GCF by telling others everything I know. I am already aware of several donations that have gone away from Sweden and there will be more.

I will try to take in and understand the great importance of the missionaries Alice and Dag Palm’s work in South Africa when Monica then carries on their work by investing in orphans and placing them in homes so that they don’t have to grow up in institutions/children’s homes. What a blessing!

An old memory appears now from a visit to Globen, Stockholm, perhaps it was some World Children’s gathering or something like that, organised by the Medical Mission. It must have been in the middle of the 1990s and Monica was on stage together with her father Dag, presenting Place of Restoration, which at the time should have been fairly new.

Finally, I wish you all the best and the best I can give – God’s blessing in your tasks!

Torbjörn Arvidsson

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