My name is Thobeka Sima. I am a retired teacher, an Induna’s wife, but also a GCF ex-employee. I knew Monica long before GCF came into existence. Her father, Baba Palm, was the pastor of the Swedish church I went to in Betania.

Thobeka Sima

We used to go to Monica and Basil to pray together with other people. We were neighbours. They shared their vision of taking care of abandoned children and helping others. We went to the property where GCF is today to pray. First, I did not understand what we were doing. It was big stones everywhere and they wanted to build houses there. I had my doubts, but God did something in me. One day when I was praying, I had a vision of buildings and children. God was telling me something and then I knew exactly what I was praying for. At the time, I did not share this with anyone, not even Monica.

We kept on praying and connecting with Monica and Basil. People used to knock on my door telling me about abused children. I just went to Monica for help and she attended to it. I even brought up my relative’s child as my own, because of the encouragement I received from her.

GCF started, but I never thought I would ever be employed there as I was a teacher, but when a post for a training facilitator was advertised, I applied. I was joking “I’m supposed to work there as I was praying for this place”. I was indeed employed and worked for the organisation for about five years. It was a good and interesting time. I was exposed to so many things and learned new skills. I got a passion for abused and abandoned children when I noticed the help they received from GCF. Children cannot defend themselves and I have to stand up for them. At GCF I got new connections with social workers and at local war rooms, I started to attend. Today I take steps and help children where I can.

Even though I no longer am working for GCF, I am still interested in what happens and how it develops. If I had funds, I would support GCF’s work so it can continue, but with prayers I know we can make a difference.

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