I got to know GCF in 2011 during my time as a missionary in Mozambique. I worked with an organization that focused on training of Early Childhood educators, among other things with questions about children’s rights and child protection. I then met Monica Woodhouse and Lydia Gordon when they worked with the Ministry of Gender and Social Affairs in Mozambique, supporting the implementation of family care. Later, we started a collaboration that resulted in me, in 2016, moving to Margate in South Africa for a year to work and learn more about the organisation.

I support GCF because I fully share their value and conviction that all children have the right to grow up in a safe family. I appreciate the fact that GCF has created a family-based care holistic model and that they are truly committed to empowering the communities by working with child protection effectively and successfully.

Sonia Persson

I appreciate GCF´s innovative work with children and families at different levels in the African context, both with faith-based communities, local authorities and at Government level. GCF is truly a child protection organisation that put into practice what they teach, and they lead by example. The organisation has a unique strength and capacity that has laid the foundation for its success and influence both in South Africa and in other African countries.

Personally, GCF means a lot to me. During my time with GCF, I learn a lot about myself, about empowerment and how strong I can be when it comes to fighting for children´s rights and their protection.

Three keywords that come to my mind when hearing of GCF are: family, restoration, and empowerment.

Sonia Persson

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