My Journey with GCF – Nozuko Mkhwalo

I was going to the chicken farm in Gayridge to buy chicken when I saw a building that had a sign written The Place of Restoration (previous name of the organisation) on it. I thought it was a church as there was a Bible verse underneath the name Place of Restoration, which was from Isaiah 61 verse 1.  I felt attracted by the name and found out more about the place, only to learn that it was a Child and Youth Centre. I showed my interest in becoming a volunteer, which also happened. On 23 January 2003, I was employed at the organisation, so this is my 19th year at Give a Child a Family (GCF). 

Nozuko Mkhwalo

The heart of GCF is the safety, care and protection of children and the organisation believe that children should be in secure families. GCF also believes in staff development and I can honestly say that I came to GCF knowing nothing, but now I’m something through GCF interventions in my life.

GCF is making a great impact not only on families of the children who are in the centre but in the surrounding areas as well and is able to work in collaboration with other organisations in making sure that children are staying in secure families and communities. GCF also assists other organisations with its resources.

Waaw, what can I say? GCF is like my second home. GCF believed in me so many times, taking me from nowhere to put me up to stay with kings and be recognised through the knowledge that I gained. I have been to places because of GCF, to mention a few; Maputo, Xai Xai, Chimoi, Inhambane and London.

Nozuko Mkhwalo

I came here not knowing how to drive, but now I’m a driver. I am a senior training facilitator and an assessor. A social auxiliary worker and a training department manager. I have been trained in so many courses, the list is endless. Most of all, I can easily express myself in English without any fear or doubt. GCF believed in me having a spirit of “I can do it”.

Thank you so much GCF for being able to identify what I am good at and assist me with that. I am what I am because of GCF. I came in broken into pieces spiritually but your prayers uplifted me and made me the person I am today.


Nozuko Mpengesi Mkhwalo

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