My Journey with GCF – Milton Cele

I got to know GCF, through our interaction with Practical Ministries. I remember it was in 2002 when it was still called The Place of Restoration.

The organisation restores what is most precious to me – families. I am a strong believer in children growing up in families. All families have their own flaws, unless they receive support such as what GCF is offering, then they fail to raise and protect children.

GCF does not say ‘we are giving you financial support so deal with your issues.’ They go out of their way to be there for my organisation, our partnership goes beyond that. It is a blessing to have such an organisation in our community, we always wish they have enough funds to help all families who are struggling.

During the national lockdown level 5 when everything was closed, I just made a phone call to the CEO Monica Woodhouse and she was happy to allow 2 senior staff members, Nomvuyi and Nozuko, to help us deliver essential needs to the whole district without charging us anything. Because of the heart of the families, we increased our working relationships.

GCF is advocating for children and families – that’s how I see the impact.

Milton Cele

Personally, I see GCF as a “phone-call-away-kind-of-sister-organisation”. As a community leader, I face many challenges related to families. If I call any member of the organisation it doesn’t matter what time of the day and week they always come out to offer support. I don’t have to think twice I just take my phone and make that phone call, I don’t even have to ask for their permission to share their contact details with other community leaders. The same feedback I received from them is that GCF came to assist and the problems were solved. I feel that I am not alone, they are like family to me, not only in work-related issues but also in our journey as Christians as we share that common family of Christ.

I am leading a church and have some challenges sometimes and GCF has been to my church for support, not only to recruit foster parents but to assist and support my ministry.

Milton Cele

Director Southern KwaZulu Natal Christian Council and, Chairperson Ray Nkonyeni Municipality Religious Forum

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