My Journey with GCF – Linda Mavundla

I had seen GCF’s logo in one of the local newspapers already a few years before I applied for a vacant post. It interested me since I wanted to work with children and people in general.

Time went by and I continued working at the South Coast Hospice when GCF eventually had an advert in the paper. It was like it “called me”. I came from the right area, had the right age, wanted to work with people, and had a driver’s license, just as they required.

I applied and after a few weeks, I got a phone call from GCF. I was invited for an interview. I was so excited but worried at the same time. I did not know where it was and was afraid to go alone, so I asked a friend to come with me.

I came for three interviews and also did a driver’s test. I was nervous, but the people who interviewed me were nice.

I got the job, resigned from my old job, and started at GCF on 2 October 2013.

Linda Mavundla

During my time in the Family Strengthening Department, I have gained much experience. I have learned to work well with many different kinds of people in the communities. It takes good teamwork, love, and patience, and has made me love Jesus more.

I am a shy and quiet person, but I have found that I am good at communicating with others, I am humble and respect people. I am approachable and positive. I don’t like when people are fighting, so I don’t fight back, but instead, try to solve problems. I am a hard worker, who likes my job.  

What comes to mind when I think about GCF is love for people, caring for people as we care for children, and sharing with others.  

“You shall serve the Lord your God, and He will bless your bread and your water and I will take your sickness away from among you.” ~ Exodus 23:25



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