MY JOURNEY WITH GCF – Karin Karlsson

“You have changed Karin, you are a different person now than before you went to South Africa.”

That were comments I got from people when my best friend Ida Stålham and I came back to Sweden in 2008 after spending 6 months at Give a Child a Family. That’s a nice thing to hear, I guess.

We came to know GCF through our church back home, members had been to GCF before or were familiar with the place because of different things. Our church is also connected to EFK (Interact) which sends people out into the world who wants to do voluntary work. We both wanted to do something meaningful before we started university. And what a journey we got!

When I think back on our time at GCF all the children pop up in my mind. I still think of them today after all these years and wonder what happened to “my” kids. What kind of personality did they get? Is S still a girl that teases everyone? Does M still love to read books even today? I really hope they are doing just fine wherever they are today.

I also remember the South African food and especially the pap, let’s just say it wasn’t my kind of favourite food…

Karin Karlsson

Both Ida and I wanted to become kindergarten teachers before we went to GCF, I found out quite soon that no, no, no, becoming a teacher isn’t my cup of tea. At all. Ida on the other hand found her calling in life. Today I’m a trained nurse and Ida is, of course, a trained kindergarten teacher.

I’m forever thankful for being a part of GCF back in 2007/2008, it changed my life and made me who I am today.

Karin Karlsson, ex-volunteer

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