My Connection with GCF – Carol Bouwer

I met Monica Woodhouse in Sweden in 2019, having interacted through Mayke Huijbregts of UNICEF online.

What struck me immediately about Monica, was that this organization was her life, there was no beginning and there was no end. Working with somebody who cares deeply about the welfare of children is something that gives you confidence as a collaborator, but for the children it is EVERYTHING.

She means the world to them because she not only stands in the gap for parents who are unable to look after their children, but also for a government that is inept in delivering this right to vulnerable and innocent minors. In a country where the need can be overwhelming, Monica Woodhouse represents the much-hailed model of Ubuntu which we sadly take for granted.

Opening your home to all who need nurturing love and care, is second nature to her and I am proud to join Monica in marking 30 years of doing what is right. 


Carol Bouwer 

Influential Women Circle – South Africa 

Carol Bouwer

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