It’s my turn!

There is a knock on the door and one of the children, together with the organisation’s own “aunty therapy” walks in. I notice sparkling eyes and the most wonderful smile, and I know. The preparations have started. What only a few knew before has now been revealed, and it’s what all children at the centre long for. There is a family out there, who waits for me! It’s my turn now!

I answer the questions as good as I can. Does the family have a dog? Is there a microwave oven and a shower? Is it difficult to find the way to the house? All those things that are important for a child to know. 

The work finding that special family, who is right for this young individual, is completed and we look forward to observe how they slowly but surely will get to know each other. One visit at a time, before they eventually will live together. The foster mother-to-be, shows so much wisdom and has enough love for another child, and the others in the household are more than ready to introduce a new member to a normal family life. 

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