It’s a blessing to be a blessing to others – Part 1

I traveled through the rolling hills of KZN today on my way to Celebane which is about 60 kilometres away, where we have a Foster Care Support Group. 

Celebane, KwaZulu-Natal

Humble, beautiful people. The session started after everyone had arrived, with a song and a short devotion. So inspiring to see the Foster Parents and listen to their stories. So many beautiful stories and things were shared, I can’t relay all of it here.  One of the mothers started off by saying ‘I thank God for giving me these children from Margate, they are loved ❤ but now they are serving me and taking good care of me’.  We asked where her son works, she replied she doesn’t know but somewhere in Durban and he sits in a high back, swivelling chair, and she shows the motion of the chair turning with her body. He signs and swivels. This comment made us laugh and her actions were hilarious.  She was equally proud of her Foster daughter too, who is also an adult now and doing so well in her work. This mother was beaming with pride.

Foster Parents from our Celebane Support Group

Another Foster mom shared how her Foster daughter’s mom fell very ill and the Foster mom brought her in so she could stay with her. Then she gave the same sick mother a piece of her land to build a small hut on for when she got slightly better. Truly amazing and so the Foster mom is now caring for the mother and the child, and it seems she is totally ok with that. ‘Love me, love my mom’. 

GCF Team at the Foster Parent Support Group

They were so blessed and overwhelmed with the Wonderbag and voucher they received.  Time for a photo shoot outdoors overlooking the valley below.  Then they had lunch which was packed and ready to hand out with an apple and cold drink or water. As the dark clouds started to gather, it was time to head home.  Group 1 done – 3 to go.

GCF Team and Celebane Foster Parents with their gifts of appreciation

Written by Executive Director, Monica Woodhouse

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