“I’ll kill you if you go to the police.”

Harsh words an abusive husband shouts to his wife. He openly beats her in front of their children on a regular basis. If the children start to cry, he grabs them by the arm and drags them to another room in the family’s home. He locks the door so that he can continue the abuse without disturbance.   

Mrs Shozi* is one of GCF’s support group members and the woman is her friend. She is aware of what is happening and can see how it painfully affects mother and children. Mrs Shozi begs the woman to contact the local police station or the area social worker, but she refuses. She is scared and wants to live, if not for herself, for her children. The woman has reached out to her husband’s family, but they have not done anything to help, but now she has come up with a plan. She will run away together with her children, to her own family in the big city, but not yet… She wants her children to first complete the school year.  

Mrs Shozi cannot stand the family’s suffering but does not know what to do to help them. She has to think about her own safety too. In one of the support group meetings, the members learn that it is possible to report cases to the police anonymously, and that is exactly what she did without telling her friend. The police arrived and the case will soon be attended to at court. 

An anonymous phone call was all it took for a frightened woman to leave her husband. Today the couple is divorced. The woman took her children and moved to where she once came from; home to her parents. They live in peace and Mrs Shozi cannot help feeling the joy with them. 

* Mrs Shozi is not her real name

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