“Help me, I cannot take care of my newborn baby”

It was weekend when the phone rang. The social worker from the local welfare office had an emergency situation. A mother in distress asked for urgent assistance. “Help me, I cannot take care of my newborn baby”.  

The pregnancy was not planned for and the young woman already had parental responsibilities and a job she needed to pay attention to. It was clear that she cared deeply for the child. All she wanted was for her newborn to receive care from a loving family when she was not able to.  

Give a Child a Family’s Temporary Safe Care (TSC) parents have been screened and trained for moments like this. One family was contacted and ready when little Baby X arrived, wrapped in a blanket. They received the baby with joy and love and immediately prayed for the mother and the situation she is in. They were grateful to be chosen as temporary parents for Baby X and are welcoming the mother to visit, with the hope that she will one day be able to care for her child herself.  

For now, all legal criteria have been met and baby and mother will be supervised by social workers for the next six months as a start while the case is attended to.   

After every removal of a child, much work and support are needed. Our strong belief is that children should not grow up in institutions, but in families where they can thrive. Baby X and mother need us.   

If you would like to become a TSC parent, contact us on https://www.gcf.org.za/contact/ and you will be connected to the right person.  

Or, if you want to make an electronic transfer to support our work, go to https://www.gcf.org.za/donate/  

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