FINALLY!! I’m going home!

Jacob* was admitted at the GCF Temporary Child and Youth Care Centre a few years ago. Mr and Mrs Dube* found him, abandoned on the side of the road. What they thought was garbage in a black bag was baby Jacob.  They alerted the authorities and Jacob was then placed at Give a Child a Family. After his social worker tried everything to locate his biological family, without any fruitful results, it was decided that he will be placed with one of GCF’s foster families.

Jacob* waiting to be taken to his new home

Jacob started his introduction process with the family, to get to know each other, in February 2020. Unfortunately, in March the COVID 19 pandemic forced us into a total lockdown and as a result, Jacob had to stay at the centre longer than planned.  Recently, Jacob was finally placed with his new family!

Jacob* and his new family walking to their home

* not their real names.

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