Children and Youth on the Agenda

The youth of today have skills. We must motivate and show them how to use it, says one of Give a Child a Family’s (GCF) employees who have been participating in different awareness events in the area the last few weeks.

GCF and TUGS Foundation in Port Shepstone on Youth Day shared the message of ‘feeling safe and unsafe’ from the Protective Behaviours programme

This is the time of the year when matters around children and youth are more frequently on the agenda compared to the rest of the year. Child Protection Month has passed and Youth Month is in full swing.  Like-minded persons, organisations and government departments take the opportunity to spread awareness to others with the aim to awaken consciousness, and with the hope to see long-lasting positive changes in the lives of the young generation.  

With this in mind, the invitations came one after the other and GCF is privileged to have been part of ten different events addressing children and youth since the beginning of June.

Youth Empowerment event
GCF sharing about ‘feelings and importance of having a personal network with people one trust’ from the Protective Behaviours Programme on Youth Day in Gamalakhe

The Awareness Events have had various main focuses, such as Child Protection, Gender-Based Violence, Youth Empowerment and Crime Prevention. The GCF representatives have shared platforms with (for example); Department of Social Development, South African Police Services, UGU Special Programmes and Youth Development, Community Policing Forum, Youth Desk, Lifeline, Love-Life, FAMSA as well as local pastors, artists, poets, businesses, NGO’s and the groups of talented youth performers.  

GCF has, in all sessions, shared elements from the international personal safety programme, Protective Behaviours, as it fits into every environment and circumstances children (and all others) are in.

Equipping children and the adults around them is vital for a world where feeling safe is key. GCF will continue to share this message in different ways and in different settings. Not only in June, but all year round.

Teenage Pregnancy Awareness event
GCF spoke about teenage pregnancies and Protective Behaviours during Child Protection week, in KwaMadlala

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