Celebrate GCF’s 30 years with us!

Can you believe that GCF is celebrating 30 years of serving children and families this year? That’s many years of hard work, growing pains, development, ups and downs. What started with twenty rands given (from what might have been seen as a random person) to what the organisation has accomplished today, is remarkable in many ways.

We do and have done a lot! Most people familiar with the organisation are aware of how children are getting a safe haven for a period of time in our Child and Youth Care Centre when life is tough at home and they can no longer stay there, but not all know about the other programmes we are running. The Foster Care and Temporary Safe Care (in families) programmes, Safeguarding, Justice4Children, Parenting4Life, Protective Behaviours to mention some. But, do you know that GCF has been contracted in other African countries too and even had an office in Kenya for a while? More will not be mentioned now, but what you can be sure of, is that all we do always have the best interest of every child in mind. The organisation has been a part of changing lives for three decades, but it would not have been made possible without the amazing support we have received.

Fundraising is a constant part of every non-profit organisation, which is especially challenging when the focus changes, and as for us, the work we do no longer fit into the current prioritised areas. Even so, we know that we are still needed, as vulnerable children and families are severely affected by the social ills the communities around us are facing.

If you do not already do so, you can start helping us! You can be a change-maker by praying for GCF’s work, by locally donating nappies, dry food or well cared for second-hand clothes for children. You can give a once-off sum of money, or why not become a monthly giver? Other ways to assist us is to like us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok (look for @givechildfamily) and share our posts with your friends, so more people will get to know us.

We started with a #WaterDrive as our first 30-year celebration activity and will continue with other activities throughout 2022.  Keep your eyes open and celebrate with us by engaging yourself! We would love to see your presence.

Kindly, click HERE for donations.

Written by Anna-Karin Öhrnstedt

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