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Home at last!

Two sisters. Tiny in stature but big in presence. Within a couple of weeks, they had everyone’s hearts in their little hands. So full of energy and intelligence. They stayed with us for 9 months and were reunited with their mother and moved back home. But before GCF ever appeared, two little girls lived with…

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Mother of Two ~ A foster parent’s story

My husband and I were only able to have one child, a girl. My husband passed on and within a couple of years, my daughter married. I can never say my desire to foster a child was a completely selfless one; I needed someone and I heard through a neighbour about Give a Child a…

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Finally a Boy! ~ A foster parent’s story

I have three biological children – all girls. I had always longed for a boy child but after some failed pregnancies my husband and I gave up. I had decided that this meant I was not to have any more children. But then I met this woman who had fostered a child and I asked…

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Special Visit from UNICEF SA

From collecting our special guests at the Margate Airport to taking them to Durban, there was great synergy. Loads of energy and much deliberations about the condition of women and children in South Africa. We started with introductions and GCF Executives shared the five core programmes at GCF: 1. Family Preservation and Family Strengthening (Parent…

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