South African National Child Rights Coalition

As you may know or not know, we at Give a Child a Family have always been a promoter of collective, collaborative work and networks of organisations.  #StrongerTogether

We are so very happy to announce the South African National Child Rights Coalition - SANCRC that will be looking at, amongst many things like Children’s Rights, best interest of children and the South African government related to policy issues. For years we have been sitting on the side-lines of meetings organised by Government and DSD and we ‘seem’ to get nowhere – because ultimately, there is a need for systemic changes and this is what we hope to achieve with the South African National Child Rights Coalition.  It is a brand new little body, but we are hoping to grow and swell the membership so that we can be voices to contend with from various NPO sectors, CBO’s, Civil Society, FBO’s, Children themselves, and many others, that is why we need you!  We are already about 40 members and we need hundreds more…

Please take the time to read the document attached and pass onto all your networks, to join the South African National Child Rights Coalition (SANCRC). An advocacy and communications coalition to support coordinated action for effective child rights governance in South Africa – now, in the face of COVID-19, and in the future.


Any interested organisation can join by completing the membership form that can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Should you encounter challenges with accessing the link, please do complete the attached form and send it to the coalition secretariat at the following e-mail address:  



Invitation to join SANCRC

SANCRC Membership form

1. SANCRC Programme General Meeting of Members 30 March 2021

2. Opening presentation Donald N

3. UNICEF - Christina M letter of support for SANCRC launch 30 March 2021

4. SANCRC AGM_CRNSA Presentation

5. Organisational development and the constitution R Montsho

5.1 Final SANCRC Constitution 31 March 2021

6. SANCRC Strat Plan PM

6.1 Revised and finalised SANCRC strategy 31 March 2021

7. Child Rights Governance Z Hansungule

8. Family Support M Woodhouse 30 March 2021 SANCRC AGM

9. Inclusive basic education TWG presentation


11. Steering Committee nominations and election Y Martin

12. Communications update 30 March 2021

13. SANCRC advocacy 30 March 2021

14. SANCRC letter to President SONA

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