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GCF adheres to the Child Protection Act by protecting the identities and confidentiality of our children. Photos used on our site are not necessarily of children in our care. Every effort is made to never publish the names or faces of our children. Please contact us directly should you require more information about the use of photographs on our website.


Where there is a Wheel there's a Way!!  

Reaching out to those in need in the rural areas  of UGU, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa, is  never an easy task, as many rural areas  have little to non-existent road structure, and  during the rainy season this becomes an every  harder task to reach those children and families  in need.  

We are trying to raise funds to purchase (demo or good second-hand) two rural terrain equipped community vehicles, so that we can continue the much needed work in an area that is so in need of our ongoing support like our training, child protection and families at risk programs.

 No child or family should ever be made to feel ALONE because nobody can reach them. Isolation is not an acceptable way to live, especially when you need help.

So if you are looking to make the world a better place we are appealing to you to help out with donating any "loose change" or "spare bucks" you may have.

We would "wheelly" "wheelly" appreciate it!!!